The first step is applying for the loan. Let the underwriter tell you what they need to get your loan closed. During this time you should have looked for a home on this website or consulted with a real estate agent. Our team has researched extensively to find great deals for you to choose from. We have a team of contractors and other valuable resources for all your investment needs. We have commercial buildings, multifamily buildings and homes, and single family homes to choose from. Take a deep breath and believe it! You have taken the first step. Call us at (404) 492-4564, email or just apply here.

Now that you have applied and talked to us about your over all needs and wants, you should have a detailed report with project costs, financing conditions, and an idea of the investment needed as well as the return on your investment. Do not worry... this process can be intimidating, but you should have a good idea after our discussion, if you are going to flip your property or hold your property and rent it out. Our team will walk you through each step. You will have a detailed plan so you can see each step in the process. 

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